The Weaponized Ventilator and the Quaranteen Harvesting of Human Organs


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Mar 22, 2022
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Unscrupulous technicians can use a hospital ventilator machine to injure or kill by inducing barometric disturbances that lead to the brain-death of the patient hooked up to it. Especially if a tidy sum is promised in the form of a kickback from a body organ harvesting cartel. Lets take a closer look see how it works :

First we must acknowledge certain essential conditions facilitating this form of criminal activity. Thanks to covid and her quaranteen measures these harvesters have killed and operated freely in theaters devoid of onlookers or family.

Taking candy from a baby. Since covid consent to donate organs is assumed given by default. Whereas before covid the assumption was no consent by default. Now you must inform them in writing of your refusal to donate organs.

That is, if you even know that this medical protocol had changed. Covid is also a major organ harvesting goldmine with negligible risk.

A multi-billion dollar international industry where the commodity is body parts.

The patient is on his own while these ghouls ply their murderous trade. Should anyone get wise to the racket they quietly changed the protocol for the number of doctors required to have a person committed to a mental hospital from three to only one doctors needed to sign off.

Also, conveniently, the medical classification for a pronouncement of death was traditionally cardiac death and with the advent of large scale body parts harvesting it was changed to a brain-death determination. The harvesters don't need the brain.

All these changes set up to prepare the scene for a formidable theft of body parts. The nasal swab was also to obtain DNA to catalogue compatibility of donors with recipients. The timing of those radical changes in medical protocol is very telling of intent.

Imagine if you will landing in the hospital ER suffering from microwave poisoning that caused clotting and respiratory distress. Despondant and unable to find breath.

This type of distress is treated as covid and plugged into the nearest ventillator. Nursing homes, society's old age disposal system, were ravaged by those organ cartels. Nobody wants them and their pension checks could be used for more useful purposes, so they home in on them as the most vulnerable after kids.

Organs of the elderly are acceptable to these brokers. One viable donor was 93.

Under covid rules you are now totally at the mercy of these greedy devils. The "owned" technician hooks you up and dials "m" for murder on his console.

Soon you are in a deep coma that most doctors eager to cash in on by labelling another death as covid will call the brain death and log the time.

The ventillator will keep the organs oxygenated and fresh in this involuntary beating heart donor. Then, what's left when they are done, because you had covid, are cremated without autopsy. Relatives never hear of your murder or involuntary organ donation. They mourn another covid statistic.