Vaccine Exempt from DUI Regulation


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Mar 22, 2022
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Most agree that the severity of penalties and fines issued for impaired driving are fully justified. Drive under the influence of alcohol or cannabis or cocaine or any other substance that can impair judgement and reflexes and a seemingly endless tsunami of consequences will turn life upside down.

Fines, tow and storage fees, increased insurance premiums, increased vehicle registration and driving permit costs including the installation of a mandatory breathalyzer ignition on any vehicle operated by the offender during his prescribed probation period. In time and money and inconvenience these laws are strong motivation to be careful.

Except if you are driving under the influence of an experimental vaccine known to have caused neurological impairment and cardiomyopathy as just a few of their many deadly or maiming adverse reactions. Driving under the influence of these experimental potions is perfectly acceptable.

A serious collision involving several casualties will never yield a police report where a vaccine was to blame. Pharma bought themselves and impaired driving exemption.

Of course removing the right to drive for the freshly vaxxed would suggest the stuff has issues serious enough to warrant suspending temporarily the right to drive. The snake bite must appear safe at all costs.

Vaccine certificates should be a part of accident investigation reporting practices. We may discover a lot of highway fatalities are caused by pharma potions dulling reflexes and obscuring better judgement behind the wheel.

If labrats were humans instead would you feel safe knowing these creatures pumped up with nasty chemicals designed to promote illness for profit are driving on your roads." --- archive

The lesson here is that the rules are in place to enrich them and not for the lofty ideals of safety and precaution. Many tricky intersections are being wired with signalization lights that are very confusing and park a cruiser there. Those deliberate shoddy signalization schemes are often cash cows for municipal treasuries even considering the existance of those traps is a breach of the highway safety act itself. Our safety is secondary to their agendas.